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The Navy Brass Quintet

The Navy Brass Quintet has operated in its current form for almost a decade and performed in a variety of locations over the years from the Bengtskär lighthouse to the diving tower of the Samppalinna outdoor swimming pool in Turku (at 5:47 am).

The band is known for its energetic, upbeat and entertaining performances. In addition to traditional concert and ceremonial music, the brass quintet often plays pieces famous from television and cinema, for example. Thanks to determined arrangement efforts, the band has accumulated a broad repertoire suitable for a variety of audiences from veterans’ events to day-care centres – although the first question day-care children usually ask when laying eyes on the quintet in Navy uniform is often "Are you a cruise ship band?"


Toni Isokivi, trumpet, flugelhorn (leader of the quintet)
Antti Riihimäki, trumpet
Mikko Perälä, french horn
Torsti Pirkkanen, trombone
Janne Roine, tuba
Tomi Salo, percussion