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Concert Band

The Concert Band is a symphonic wind orchestra consisting of wind musicians and percussionists. As an ensemble it is the largest orchestra in the Conscript Band.

Parade Band

The Conscript Band’s Parade Band consists of three sections: wind orchestra, drum group and rifle drill group.

Entertainment Orchestra

True to its name, the Conscript Band’s Entertainment Orchestra is a group brimming with entertainment. It is a ten-piece outfit including drums, percussions, keyboards, accordion, two guitars, bass and two vocalists. On occasion, the orchestra is supplemented with a few wind instrument players from the Concert Band.


The Conscript Band’s Showband is a party band of some 20 musicians, including a rhythm section, singers and wind instrument players. Its repertoire ranges from classic rock nuggets to modern hits.

Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is one of the Conscript Band’s most musically diverse ensembles. The church concerts consisting mainly of art music are balanced by shows where Sibelius and Tchaikovsky are replaced with tangos and waltzes.

Technical Team

Experts of sound, lighting and recording also have a place in the Conscript Band. Experience gained in civilian work tasks comes in handy in vastly different situations during military service. In addition to live shows and massive tours, the technicians work on recordings, equipment maintenance and naturally the preparations and planning of gigs and tours.