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There is strength in youth!

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces in a group photo 

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces represents the Defence Forces both at home and abroad. It is formed each year from about 90 of the most skilled musicians in the age group entering military service.

The Conscript Band’s annual concert calendar includes more than 100 events ranging from international tattoo events, traditional parades and the summer tour to massive self-produced concert tours.

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces was founded in Hamina in 1990. At the beginning of the year 2015, the Conscript Band began operations in a new unit at the Hattula Armoured Brigade as its previous home, the Häme Regiment, was discontinued due to the national defence reform.

Currently, the band has better operating capabilities than ever before – the new diverse premises and internationally esteemed staff ensure excellent performances for the coming years and decades.

The Conscript Band features players of wind, string and percussion instruments as well as band musicians who specialise in popular music. Media and communications experts as well as sound and light technicians also serve in the Conscript Band.