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How to Become a Military Musician?

The military bands recruit new players at regular intervals.

Military musicians playing

The applicants must be Finnish citizens and complete the instrument proficiency test. To gain a position in a band, you must have completed the mandatory military service or the women’s voluntary military service and achieve at least a satisfactory result in the Cooper test. Conductors’ positions will be opening up in the coming years. Those who aim to become a military conductor must apply to the Sibelius Academy’s programme for wind orchestra conducting. In addition, the applicants must be admitted into the Military Music School.

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If you have not completed military service and would like to do so in a military band, you can apply to the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces. You should express your intention to apply for the band during the call-ups, but the actual application for special units, such as the Conscript Band, does not take place until after the call-ups. Read more about military service in Finland.